Published Titles

The Evanescence of Being

He does not remember the exact moment that witnessed the death of his desire for life. And his memories of passion, joy and meaning, are distant and lost among the shadows that darken the long, tedious hours of his days.  

But when he is struck by an inexplicable change that delivers into his life the love, contentment and wealth that seemed beyond his reach, he is also struck by the malevolent forces of fear.

What is the truth of this unexpected and uninvited happiness? Has he tapped into a source of eternal bliss that is beyond explanation and best left unquestioned, or is he walking the fine line of sanity, and in his dark despair, slipping slowly into the sinister abyss of psychosis?

Letters of a Noble Mind

Through their personal letters and journals, and extracts from contemporary newspapers, Victorian London’s high society candidly reveals itself, replete with the moral conflicts and impositions that defined the age.

In their own private words, the 19th century’s social elite unveil the plots and intrigues that colour their privileged lives. Laced within the genteel elegance of their written language lies the truth of their repressed emotions and forbidden passions, and the symbols of their slavish devotion to a sense of propriety that stifles the primordial human instinct, which is, by social necessity, latent in the cultured classes.

But though they guard their secrets well, truth finds its own way out of the darkness and unleashes into their lives events that will rock the foundations of their orderly world.

Photoshop A Trick of the Light

Photoshop – A trick of the light is Barry Huggins’ 8th book covering Photoshop and ¬†graphics applications, and is now available in eBook format. The book is a master reference on the creation of light within Photoshop, and teaches you how to manipulate Photoshop’s powerful tools with techniques that result in beautiful, photo-realistic images that you can adapt and use again and again in your own work.

Each chapter is a self contained project, so you can work in any order to create a specific effect or learn a certain technique. The projects use a simple step by step format with pictures accompanying  each step, so whether your Photoshop knowledge is still at a foundation level or you are an advanced user, you will always be able to follow along and achieve a great result.

All the original images used in the projects are included with the book and can be downloaded from the website, enabling you to plot your progress and compare your results with the finished work in the book

A Late Monsoon

On the white painted veranda of a colonial hotel, two men meet in the stifling heat of the approaching monsoon. They are a generation apart, and their ideologies diverge, but they share the same moment in time; a time of upheaval and monumental shift that is changing their world and unveiling the dawn of an uncertain future.

But the storm clouds that gather over world events are also forming over their own private worlds, as they confront each other with questions they would prefer not to face.

A late Monsoon is a short story and is available for free download now from the Smashwords author page in multiple formats.

The Sexual Imperative

He wakes in the dead of night, the August moon his only light in the darkness of his mountain chateau. He is alone, but the shifting shadows that stir within his room suggest the presence of another.

Before the night is choked by the dawn, he will be confronted with an encounter bearing the face of his deepest dread. But could he be wrong? Is his dread, in fact, the most liberating, sensual experience that life will ever present to him?

In the hours ahead as he is forced to challenge the understanding of his most basic instincts, he must make a decision that will determine, not just the nature of the events of this night, but whether for him, tomorrow will ever come.

Photography and Photoshop Print Titles

Non fiction print titles cover the creative process of photography and digital manipulation of images, including traditional darkroom techniques employed in the digital darkroom and a range of special effects. Seven internationally published books are available in eight languages.